10 New Year’s Televisiolutions

1) I will watch at least one documentary a week. Doctor Who Confidential and Horrible Histories do not count.

2) I will finally get round to watching all, or, more realistically, some of the following programmes: Once Upon A Time, The Tudors, Homeland, Orange Is The New Black, Black Mirror, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, Orphan Black and Girls.

3) I will not binge-watch more than four episodes per night of any show on catch-up, Netflix or DVD, even if it is “getting to a really good bit”.

4) I will try not to get annoyed when friends and family members (a) shout out University Challenge answers (b) insist on watching sporting events or (c) eat loud foods at dramatic televisual moments.

5) I will not judge the quality of entertainment programmes by whether or not they have offered me multiple opportunities to tweet humorous comments.

6) I will read Radio Times when I purchase it each week, and not six weeks later when the information contained within it has become meaningless.

7) I will no longer find it necessary to accompany every television viewing with “something to nibble”, unless it is Eurovision, in which case I will ensure that I have something to nibble from every participating country.

8) I will make more effort to watch Newsnight and other current affairs programmes, and not just when there’s a laughably obnoxious figure of fun as a guest.

9) I will not fall in love with more than five television characters/actors at a time.

10) I will write a new blog post at least every two weeks.

Happy New Year!

3 responses to “10 New Year’s Televisiolutions

  1. Yay for the resolution to blog more often! I will look forward to reading them.

  2. Julie Greenslade

    Love it 🍧

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